Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Owl Eyes

So I'll skip the whole "I'm back routine."

I believe I need more blog in my life. 

I will just get straight into a ridiculous story told in complete stream of consciousness. 


I'm taking a Themes in Literature class. I signed up not knowing that we would have to read 9 novels throughout the semester, and when I found out I was somewhat excited...and then I remembered I love to read until someone tells me I HAVE to. Once it becomes an assignment the procrastination sets in, the imagination falls away, the enjoyment fades. However, I can say that I have successfully read 4 of the required novels....

.......out of the 6 we are supposed to have read by now ; ) 


My teacher is as wide as he is tall, or is as tall as he his wide...however that saying goes, and wears large, circular spectacles that magnify his eyes to about 3x their size. I've also noticed how long-winded he is. I swear he can speak for 10 minutes without inhaling, as well as without me knowing what on earth he is talking about. He laughs at his own jokes longer than anyone should, and looks terribly embarrassed every time he realizes it. 

During his lectures, I'll be honest, I facebook, G-chat, E-mail, shop, text, read, draw. This is one of my sketches: 

Moral of the story: I do anything but listen to this poor old man. 

The other day, running late to my psych class, I started booking it. Right before I reached the building I saw him walking out. I don't know why I looked up to acknowledge him (there are about 25 kids in the class and I sit in the back with my nose in my Mac the whole hour)...I knew he wouldn't recognize me. 

But before I could lift my head from the wet ground to potentially meet his gaze, I heard a "why hello..."

Shocked, my head snapped up and there starring at me were two large, beautiful blue eyes..seasoned with wrinkles and gentleness. His eyelashes batted, I could probably count how many there were due to the magnification of his glasses. He was delighted. 

I believe he knows I don't listen to him...he has to. The whole class has to. 

And instead of greeting me with an authoritative err, or a condescending gaze he met me with a joy. 

a contentment. 

Just happy to see a familiar face on a rainy day I guess. 

Or maybe glad that in his old age he recognized a student, one whose face he rarely saw due to the amount of my class attendance. 
I don't know exactly how to describe it, but I knew that one look he gave me, was one I never gave to him...ever. I was never joyful to see his fragile body somewhat limp to the desk. I was never excited to acknowledge his presence in the room. 

We are called to repent not because of worldly guilt, or fear of God, but because of the kindness God grants us. (Romans 2:4) 

Thanks owl eyes for the kind greeting. 

I'll try to make it to class and pay attention from now on. : )